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DarkRoom Diaries

I made myself a gift with Alternative Process academy. This platform seems incredibly useful to learn alternative printing techniques with video material, charts and an active Discord community to ask for advice and share work.


I decided to start a new category on the blog, called “DarkRoom Diaries” to track my progress in learning these techniques, document work and experiments and reflect on the evolution of my vision on photographic expression.


So far I have learnt the basics to print B&W and colour with the enlarger (traditional technique).

The plan is to master the technique in B&W first (let’s say a couple of months), and then move on to focus on colour, which is a lot more complex but extremely intriguing!I still have to find the ideal lab to work with. As soon as I’m back in Paris I will go to Emulsion lab to play around with all the materials I collected in my December travels. This lab has a good atmosphere, people are kind and helpful and it’s close to my place.

Downside to this lab is that they run the chemicals in a machine, which takes away half of the fun and process…so I need to find a better solution to experiment further with the printing process.


In the meantime, I will also make a plan to learn and experiment with techniques that don’t require a darkroom. My apartment is small and my bathroom even smaller, but I’ll make it work!

First technique I will approach is cyanotype.

Second technique I’d like to try out: chemigrams. Let's do this!


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