I AM a lucid dreamer.

I WANT to experiment new ways of telling stories.

I BELIEVE foolishness is at the source of creativity. 

I PROVOKE questions by challenging the norm.

I CREATE systems of hybrid atmospheres.

I HAVE been told that you don’t need a big budget to tell a great story. But it sure does help.

I LIKE art, people and whiskey. And red things.

I PURSUE beauty in the unexpected.

I LOOK for emotion in the abstract.

I SEE the world as a work of art, always, even if sometimes it seems like a giant butt plug.

I EXPLORE the mind as a multi-colored, polyphonic dream machine.

I FEEL poetry is in the invisible. It’s my job to make it visible. 

I THINK that an artist doesn’t necessarily need to suffer.

I LOVE the idea that if it can be imagined, it can be done.

I HATE Trump.

I TRANSFORM ideas into visual journeys and emotional instants, to transport people to another place.

I CELEBRATE diversity in all its forms. We have more in common than we sometimes think.

I OPEN the doors to revolutionary collaborations.

Made in Italy. Based in Paris and London



Experienced in the field of performing arts and creative storytelling in all its forms—from theatre to cinema and art exhibitions—Martina Margaux is a one-of-a-kind creative and film director, specialising in cross-media and experiential projects. During her career she has developed strong skills in leading multicultural teams for creative productions, from conceptualisation to direction and post-production. She has worked on multiple projects in Italy, France, UK, Thailand, Dubai and Saudi Arabia developing original creative concepts, directing art documentaries and creating artistic immersive experiences for international audiences. Her film Montreuil Story was awarded “Best Creative Concept” at Seattle Film Festival in 2017. In 2018 she documented Saudi Film Council’s first participation in the Cannes Film Festival and was in charge of their creative direction and production of social media video content. The same year she artistically-directed the first multisensory immersive experience Caravaggio - Beyond the Canvas, while her documentary art film "Under The Skin" —about artist Anish Kapoor—was released at the Fine Arts Film Festival 2020 winning “Best Director” award, presented by Venice Institute for Contemporary Arts. The film was praised and sponsored by the artist himself and is now in development as a feature film.
She regularly collaborates as Creative Director with the group The Aimes, creating original art installation and compelling concepts for the art world.