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Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Beginning of research.

Following my obsession of visualising the invisible, I am intrigued to explore the concept of “manifestation”.

What is it exactly? How did it originate? How did it evolve? What is its effect? And more importantly, is it possible to ARTificially evoke manifestations?

Just after a preliminary and still very superficial dive into the subject, the amount of material is undeniably overwhelming.

Manifestation can be many things: the act of making something or someone tangible, a protest or demonstration, a spiritual awakening or appearance, a physical or psychological symptom, a projection of intention or desire, a moment when the previously concealed becomes visible or evident, a revelation.

Over history, the idea of manifestation underwent a fascinating evolution, one that transcends temporal and cultural boundaries, going from the earliest expressions of prehistoric humanity, to the development of religions, to the emergence of modern self-help disciplines.

It seems to me that among all the different forms manifestation can take, they tend to share a common thread – they are, in essence, powerful projections emanating from the recesses of the human psyche, our enigmatic subconscious. They are attempts to make sense not just of the world around us but, even more, of ourselves.

In my research, I aim to explore the multiple forms of the manifestation concept, at the intersection of spirituality, art and science, across diverse cultures and periods, looking for examples of manifestation nowadays, speculating on the potential future transformations of this concept, particularly in the context of contemporary society.

What does manifestation signify in today’s landscape? Is it an increasingly individual phenomenon, or can it still be experienced collectively within society? What happens in the human brain when we experience manifestation? Can art stimulate a similar effect?

I don’t know. Maybe I’m flying too close to sun. Maybe I’ll get burnt. But I ought to give it a try for the beauty of the flight.

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