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Great session led by the original 6 students of MA Fine Arts Digital, about the concept of “Found”.


It was interesting and exciting to see how the alumni’s work evolved after the course. I hope we will have other opportunities to exchange with them (and other alumni) in the future.


After presentation of their impressive practices, we did an exercise in class: observe objects in the room you are in and make art with it. Ha!


I enjoyed the spontaneity of this exercise. A playful approach to look at things as if it’s for the first time, allows for surprising discoveries and new perspectives.

The fact that the exercise was timed somehow prevented overthinking.

I think I’ll repeat timed sessions in my practice.


What have I produced?I used a magnifying glass object I have bought a while ago at a flee market and that’s been sitting on a shelf since then. I’ve been wanting to play with it and this was a great occasion.


Then, my attention was caught by my lunch leftovers:


I explored the colour and texture of an orange peel from a macro perspective.




Then I played around with a half apple and its paradoxes.


I initially planned to use the apple as a stamp and print the words on paper, but it turned out that didn’t work and the apple became the work itself. The paper became a sort of crime scene/backdrop.


I kinda liked this unexpected artwork. I took pictures of it the day after and I’m curious to see what comes out of it in the darkroom (will post the result).

It inspired me to conduct other experiments with words/symbols.


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