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Surprising Crystal Incense Shapes

Updated: May 19

I caught a cold from the airplane AC. But every bad thing is an chance of discovery..! I'm in Alula right now, trying to survive both work and the cold. In this regions there is a specific kind of incense that looks like crystals. It is made with powerful peppermint essence and is apparently very good for your respiratory system. I bought some from an apothecary-looking guy who told me I could either burn it or put it in hot water and inhale the steam. I don't have an incense I opted for the second option. After almost burning my throat with the powerful smoke of the incense, I left and forgot the water with melted incense crystals on the table. When I got home that night, to my surprise, the crystals had solidified in these marvellous shapes. It reminded me of the rose of the desert.

I wonder if I could experiment with it and make some photograms out if it. I'm not sure I can get a flatter shape and maintain those beautiful textured details. I bought some more incense to take home. Let's see what happens. Post about experiment:

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