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Maya, God, and the power of Everything in the sky

Once again, I find plane (or train) rides particularly inspiring to write blog posts.

I am now in seat 16C travelling from AlUla to Dubai and then back to Europe.

What an incredible, intense, emotional week it has been. Yet 7 days feel like a second and a lifetime at once.

There’s something mystical and majestic about AlUla.

It feels like time flows in a different way there. Actually, in that place you can truly perceive that time was a human invention.

Embraced in this eternal landscape, I felt the size of an ant, in a good way. So small and so peaceful. The relation between man and nature is something else there, it took me closer to myself and to the universe, suggesting that we’re part of the same thing, after all. The impact of timelessness and vastness makes you think about life from new perspectives, it takes new proportions, and it connects identities with the Everything.

I don’t know if I found Maya, but she certainly lives there.

Despite a nasty flu, I tried to take this week as an emotional and sensorial observatory. I experimented letting my senses drive my search rather than my brain. My unconscious will need time to digest everything that happened, under the surface.

The light, the colours, the smell, the taste, the textures are a lot to take in. And Love simply broke my barriers, gently carving openings and hollows I still have to map and fill. Like the nature carved the mountains inside out and generated beauty. The fact that my sister was there played a part in this week of enlightment. It made me reflect on how important the connection with people is, especially the ones you love the most in this life (and probably other lives). I made myself so small, so independent from others in the past years, that I needed a reminder. That’s kind of sad.


There were moments this week, where I was a bare witness of manifestations of God (or whatever we want to call them). A sunset in the natural reserve of Sheraan just made me disappear, like I was part of that sky, that light, that unique, ineffable moment. I took pictures but I failed capturing it. I think I have to find a different way to visualise it. Most of what was happening was invisible.

But in the infinite shades of pink and orange, I saw a masterpiece of Nature, that I will spend a lot of time trying to render, knowing that no man will ever be able to recreate it.

The sound of this moment will stay with me for a long time. Unrecordable, unforgettable. It was like the loudest silence I’ve ever heard. Dense and limitless, filling the whole space and connecting to all time.

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