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Recording emotions at the edge of Panic

I find myself in the worst and best position right now. Lost and frustrated.

I feel I am running behind on so many things. I wrote notes during my December travels and it is so difficult now to get back on track with blog posts.

The thought of the study statement weights heavy in my mind, making me doubtful and full of ideas at the same time.

I started working again (as in my regular job). I am currently working on two commissioned video projects, one for a public art project in Dubai and one for a famous artist’s exhibition in Brazil.

The day simply doesn’t have enough hours.

I am torn between the excitement of so many things going on and the paralysing fear of not being able to accomplish everything.

Deep down, I know this is good. This is an opportunity. Challenges are hard and fruitful.


I honestly don’t know how I am going to pull this off, but I will. There’s no other choice.

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