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A good day, self-care and an inspiring exhibition

I made it.

Study Statement is submitted, first video project is delivered. And I managed to do it all 1 day and a half in advance from deadline! This calls for a small personal celebration.

For the first time in more than a month, I took the weekend off.

I slept in Saturday morning (ironically, “sleeping in” means waking up at 8:30 these days), then did a refreshing 1h30 yoga session and meditation, I caught up with my breath, my senses, my body.

Then, to take a break, I visited a beautiful exhibition at BNF Francois Mitterand called “Epreuves de la matière”, about a variety of photographic experimentations over the course of decades. I ran across the writings of Jean Claude Lemagny in my research (he was the director/curator of BNF for almost 30 years and made a huge impact in elevating photography to fine art, and fostering experimentation in the photography field), and I was mesmerised by his views on this medium. This exhibition exists thanks to him and the collection he put together over his time at the BNF.

It was so inspiring to see so many different pieces in one place. I can’t avoid dreaming to be among them one day :)

The artists/artworks that inspired me the most:

WILLIAM EGGLESTON - Sans Titre Series "Wedgwood Blue Clouds" 1978

Tirage chromogene sur papier Ilfochrome

PEDRO DAVID - Mandibula #5 Series "Terra Vermelha" 2015

Digital printing from analog film - epreuve numerique pigmentaire d'apres prise de vue analogique

JEAN-CLAUDE BELEGOU - Sans Titre Series "Morphologies" 2017-2019

epreuve numerique pigmentaire

PATRICK TOSANI - Geographie I 1988

Tirage a destruction de colorant (cibachrome)

I can't find the name of the artist :( This is a scan of an ipad, recording and transforming each fingertap into artistic brushstrokes!

ANN MANDELBAUM - Matter III #6 & #8 2011 - spaces inside an analog camera

ILANIT ILLOUZ - Sel (Salt) 2018

Tirage pigmentaire fossilisé dans le sel

ANNE-FRANCE ABILLON - Le Tissu du réel (the fabric of reality)


Tirage numerique sur papier Gampi (digitla print on japanese paper)

RENATO D'AGOSTIN - Series "Harmony of Chaos" 2012-2019

Tirages gelatino-argentiques N&B réalisés sur papier IlFord mat

LAURE TIBERGHIEN - Fuites #8 2021

Tirage chromogene sur papier Ilfoflex

JEAN DE POMEREU - Fragmentation 3 2020 (arial view of Antartica)

Tirage piezographique charbon avec decoupe At last, I snapped a memory of this inspiring day. In this moment, I was captured by the sky and the reflection on the mirrored building. It's like reality continues through the mirror in another form. The people walking alongside become other people in the reflection. Are they going to the same place? Are they coming from the same place? Also, it is Paris but it's got a japanese light to it. It transports me somewhere else.

Martina Margaux Cozzi - Double Dream 2023

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