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Experiments with collage - embryo idea for Mirage series

I played around with the idea of making a piece using different layers of photographic paper.


I used an underexposed test print in which the human figure was almost invisible. I covered it with another layer of test print and then painted it in gold (I will try using gold leaf next time).

I did the same thing with other landscape pictures. I like the fact that in this way it is impossible to know if the character was originally there or not. It becomes both present and absent, like a spirit, a magical apparition, a mirage.



Then, I made an experiment using incense powder:

I want to experiment more in this direction to create an effect of visible immateriality, in which the object is visible but impalpable. I will try working with pigments and spices (I have a bunch in Milan!)


I will update this posts with the new experiments

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